Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another day in...

Paradise?? Well honestly it's just another day in a coffee induced state of awakeness. It's been one of those other moms know what I mean. One of the days that getting stuff done seems impossible, your child is fussy without reason and is hard to comfort, the dog has been exceptionally whiney and needy, in the attempt to do laundry today a load is still in the washer after 2 hours waiting to be switched, homework, is only about half done and barely understandable in the first place, and I am on my 5th cup of coffee. Yes, that's right you read it right. My 5th!!!!
As you read this you may also be asking well what is she doning blogging if she has all that to do...well in case you aren't a parent the idea of getting to do what you want when you want as a paretn is non existent (I know that even non-parents don't have that luxury all the time either...but they usually get it more than parents do)! This is the first time I have been able to sit down and have a few minutes to myself and I am taking the chance and deciding to blog. *Shakes finger at myself* Bad mommy!
So back to my day! I firmly believe I should be taking a stock in coffee and I can definitely confirm that since joining the ranks of mommyhood I have trie numerous roasts, flavored, non flavored, and dozens of different flavors of creamers as well. I think that the coffee companies probably make a pretty penny from my investment in their products. Oh...and the best coffee drink by far I can't make but invest money into on a basis far too often then it should be....the Vanilla Light Starbuck's Energy Drink!!!!! So good and the thought makes me even more thirsty for one!
Ok back to the ongoings of life. Last week was spring break and it was very uneventful, the no classes was great but Randy had a painful abcess so that consumed two days of trying to even figure out what it was how to fix the pain and a urgent care visit and 297 dollars later he is now fine and we are thankful to have gotten it fixed. Then for one of the ideas I had the worst headache that I have EVER had in my life so it resulted in my laying on the couch when Aspen was occupied while Randy worked and praying that she would stay content and occupied until my headache finally went away. Thank God t finally went away. St. Patrick's Day consisted of me going to AWANA since I am the director and that was not the way I really wanted to spend St. Patty's but alas I had no choice. Oh and on a side note I don't have to Direct for them next year and I am passing the reigns to someone else. So glad to be able to have my Wednesday nights back. And I digressed again...
So I hear Aspen stirring in her room already so WOOT for that 20minute nap. Thank God she at least sleeps through the night. But I will leave you with these pictures. Aspen on St. Patty's with her Clover headband, one with her dad, and I also decided to pain her toes last Friday and so there is a picture of your cute pudgy feet...oh and one in her jumper..cause she jsut looked so stinking cute! Enjoy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a miracle...

Posts 2 days in a row...who h=would have imagined that happening...but there is a reason. We have the conference this weekend and naturally I should be packing Aspen's bag for grandma Linda's. One little problem though...I put Aspen down for a nap in her room...and yes that's right her room is where all her stuff is that needs to be I dare go in and start packing and risk disturbing the sleeping! Nope nope I think alas I sit here and drink my coffee and wait for Randy to get home from work this morning.

Oh and the question that I am sure that is on everyone's mind after my last post.......the answer to where I slept last night.....*drumroll plays*
On the floor of her room...yes folks, I was that mother that is having a hard time letting her baby get older and I slept right next to her crib on the floor so I could easily check on her and Goliath curled up and slet next to me as well. That sleeping arrangement last until 5am when Randy got up for work, he woke me up and I moved to the bed for the last hour and a half or so of her sleep.
Definitely NEVER thought I would be this kind of mother and the emotional wreck Aspen has turned me into. But it is all worth it... I can not imagine life without her. Everytime I think about the moms that lose their babies or all different reasons my heart breaks and I feel saddened that the precious gifts would be taken from them. Like precious Olivia, I would be such a wreck after losing a child and her mother is such a strong woman. I can not believe how well she has perservered. I know that it can't be easy for her but she still keeps going. Olivia was beautiful and she has a story that will forever live in my heart. Then my dear friend that had to give birth to her sleeping baby boy on her actual due date...made it all the way to her 40 week appointment to find out his heart stopped beating. I just can't fathom the heartache. Everytime I think of these stories I hug Aspen a little tighter and when I am frustrated with her their stories remind me that I am getting to experience something that others do not no matter how hard they wish. I will forever be astounded by the women and the heartache they went through and they still carry it with them. I am grateful that I have my baby girl and will never understand why God takes some babies home before they ever really live. But his plan is the ultimate and I truly think that maybe they really were just too beautiful for Earth.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

School will be the death of me...

So being a mother is the most amazing thing in my life that I have been able to experience. But add being a student in there and I feel like my life is just overly stretched out. I want to finish school but sometimes I get so tired and frustrated with it all that I sometimes wish I could quit...but then I have to remember that Randy probably has it so much worse then I do...he does school, being a father, and work. So I know he proabably has the stress even worse.

On an Aspen update she is almost 5 and 1/2 months old and getting bigger by the day. Even though she is growing she is still small for her age she is only 15lbs and 24inches long but because of her body shape and size she is still wearing 0-3 month clothes. She is still as adorable as ever and I feel blessed every day when she looks at me and smiles. The gift of motherhood is amazing and she is truly my greatest treasure in life. Oh...and Aspen is starting to teach me that she is not so little anymore. She has still been sleeping in the playpen bassinet next to my side of the bed and love being able to roll over and check on her during the night. But tonight Randy went to bed and when I tried to put her to bed she kept moving around, kicking the sides of the bassinet and just being very difficult. Randy was frustrated because he has to be up early in the morning and she was keeping him awake. So I took her and rocked her for awhile and even that didn't appease her. So I finally reluctantly put her in her crib and within 5 minutes she was out. I am so nervous about leaving her in there tonight...and wouldn't be surprised if I end up sleeping in there tonight I have become so emotional as a mom...I found myself crying today about the fact that she is soon to be 6months old. It seems like just yesterday she was born. Motherhood definitely has changed me in ways I never thought.

Now to let you guys in more on Randy and I...we are good beyond the whole busyness of life. This weekend I am psyched that we get to go to the "Weekend to Remember" marriage conference at the Hilton downtown. We went last year and loved it so I am so excited to go back and brush up on the skils we learned and to really get to spend some quality time with just Randy and has been so long since we have had quality time together. Aspen will be with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Kim for the weekend. I know she will be perfectly fine and completely trust Linda with Aspen but I just can't help feel nervous more for me then for her. I will miss her.

I think that is about all I have for today...if you have made it to the end then I would have to give props to you! Hope God blesses you this weekend and I will update this next week (I will be on spring break next week).