Friday, April 16, 2010

The end is near...

School is going to be coming to an end for the semester so soon and I am so excited for summer and all the fun that goes along with that. I'll be nannying again so that will be fun and I get to take Aspen with me so that will definitely be an adventure, but an adventure I am definitely looking forward to.
So to back track a little bit...Aspen's 6 month appointment was great she was 17lbs 2oz and 25 and 1/2 inches long! So pretty average for her age. She had lots of shots which then led to screams in my ears for 5 minutes. And yes most of you would say "Duh! She just had shots!" and yes yes she did BUT stupid mommy thought that the shots were the reason...and no no they were not. The true culprit of all the screams folks was the nurse...the nurse holding down her legs while she gave the shots. Aspen HATES when her legs are being held down and she can't move them. How do we know this you ask, well, the nurse wasn't holding down her leg for one of the shots and Aspen didn't so much as flinch or cry. I have got a very odd baby.
Then a few days I decided I need to do my toe nails and then realized the Aspen's toes needed a little something to...the results is a creepy picture showing how much her feet look like for your enjoyment...our cute little tootsies.

And because I am good like that...her cute little toes matched her Easter dress. Easter went beautifully and Aspen did very well with all the shuffling around town and from house to house. I was thoroughly surprised with how well she did. She did so well in fact that we had no idea until Monday the day after Easter that her 1st tooth had come in over the weekend. It's crazy how much she is changing and growing. I really wish I would slow down time. But alas, I am not God so that would be impossible. And here is another picture for your enjoyment of my little bebes on Easter with her "basket!" I made the basket myself and painted the letters and added the furry trim...everything...I was so proud at how it turned out. And it was filled with teethers, new pacifiers, a couple rubber ducks(which Goliath decided were his), and the DVD of Snow White. Then of course the weather has FINALLY started to get nicer and we have been going on more walksso of course I decided Aspen has to ride ready for the sun. So one Target trip that was supposed to be for laundry detergent ended with this cute purchase as sunglasses...who knew they made something so logical for babies too?

With this nicer weather also brings about another one of Randy's favorite parts of the year...can anyone take a guess what? If you guessed baseball....DING DING DING you get a prize. It is baseball season and dear Randy is a very big fan of the Minnesota Twins and he decided he needs to starting training Aspen to cheer for the right team. So the result is this you think her chewing on the hat means anything?

Just can't get enough of that cute face can you! I can't either...but she is just getting so big and it's scary how much she has been changing...she is getting to the size in fact that its becoming a pain in the tush to lug around her infant seat all the time. Her 17 pounds plus the 10 pound seat is a lot to carry on one the solution is....TA DA

Her new convertible carseat...a Graco MyRide 65! She actually has 2 one for Randy's car and one for mine. We are so tired of switching carseats back and forth so of course the locial solution is 2 by 243 dollars(including an awesome new stroller) later we have her awesome new carseats. And if you know anything about her stroller she had it drives Randy and I up the flippin' wall. It has a wheel that squeaks like no other no matter what we amount of WD-40 has been able to stop it and it's gotten to the point where we were avoiding taking walks or anything that involves a stroller... but I am definitely not going to carry her every where. So what does resourceful mommy do...she pulls out every Babies R Us coupon she can find and heads out with Aspen in tow. I'm sure I was quite the sight putting her in numerous strollers and car seats before finding the perfect ones and then making it up to the checkout. Well sort of... a employee had to help drag one of the car seat boxes to the front because there was no way I was able to get both car seats and stroller in the cart. Anywho sorry for the digression. I got up to the register and they did their thing with the coupons and drum roll please...I SAVED $163 with those coupons. The total would have been nearly 400 without those coupons but with them I spent only $243! I'm such a resourceful mommy. Oh...and here is the stroller I's a Trendsport and very sleek looking if I may say so myself...

Oh...and remember how I said that we have 2 carseats one for his car one for mine? Well it's actually not going to be a car for me any more. I am getting my Mommy vehicle. We are getting a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan and I am sooooo EXCITED. Randy's car finally pooped out and the result is me getting a new van and Randy will drive the Taurus. The extra space will be SOOOOO nice. Ok...I think I am done for now..but will definitely post soon and hopefully with pics of the new ride! :) God Bless Everyone!