Friday, October 22, 2010

One day at a time...

One day at a time I can get past this heart broke on Wednesday and it's so hard to mend. So please if you are one of belief and faith. Please pray for me, for me emotional and physical healing, and just for hope for what our future will be. My heart breaks for what could have been and would have been but God had different plans I guess. So I pray God since I can't hold that little one to tell them about you...will you hold them and tell them about me?

I don't know what else to type right now because tears just keep on coming. But I will say that fall is all around and Aspen just loves the crunchy leaves and exploring her changing world and watching her brings a whole new outlook on things around me. Have you ever tried to look at things through a child's eyes? I decided to try the other day and got down on her level. I got down on my hands and news and explored the house with her for about an hour that way. The world seems so big and you feel so small...but my little fearless girl took on everything around her without a second thought. She is so completely fearless that it scares me to death at times. But oh how much fun she will be as she gets bigger and even more rambunctious. I definitely think we have a sprts player on our hands with the way she attacks things.

On the school note this week was fall break. The first paragraph though sums up how much it so that it really wasn't a good fall break. There were a couple highlights...but for the most part it just really wasn't the highlight it should have been. I did take the Praxis II and pass with flying colors and I only have 5 and 1/2 more weeks until I'm done with all my classes. Also waiting on Student teaching placement. Beyond that life is just going on and the wheels keep on turning.