Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interesting past week...

First of all...had an appointment last Friday and I passed my one hour glucose test and discovered that baby Aspen is measuring perfectly. I am so excited for her arrival this fall and am so shocked about how everything is going so fast. I learned that at my next appointment they will be starting my appointment twice a month from there until I am 35 weeks and then from there they will be every week. It's crazy how fast everything seems to have gone.

Second...Trina and I got very productive on Aspen's nursery while our husbands hung out this weekend. We completely painted the entire room and handmade all of our letters. They are beautiful and I am evern more excited for Aspen's arrival now that her room is starting to look more ready fo her. Pictures Posted above...
Third...The dad of the kids I nanny for hit my car when he was backing out of his garage. He turned to wuick and hit my driver side door while it was parked in his driveway. Thankfully averything has worked out with his insurance and they are covering everything. I have an appointment to drop it off to get fixed next week. His insurance is even covering a rental car. Bad side...I have to drive the car for the next week and the door is very jacked up...poop.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Blog

So after living in the dark ages of no blogs I have decided it's about time to start one. Especially since we are getting ready to have a baby girl this fall...this will probably be the best way to keep people updated. So things on the homefront are good. We are getting settled into our new home and loving it and the extra room that our apartment didnt have. We are starting to think of paint colors and decorations for our baby girls nursery. We found out on Randy's birthday that we are having a baby girl and her name is Aspen Noelle. I am starting to feel her kick and move more. Not consistently yet but I can feel her in there. I just had my birthday this last weekend and we had a blast hanging out at the Mahoney State Park water park and then went to Ray and Jess's for dinner and to watch the hockey game. Beyond that nothing to exciting is's nice that it is summer and we are getting a break from school. Hope everyone else is doing well. God Bless!